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Well. It's finally here, I suppose, and I have no idea what that means for me, haha. It's my last day of school, as well, so I wonder how that will turn out. Either, people will bring up stuff to yell at me for that they held back or forgot all year, people will ignore me because they'll be busy trying to throw in last minutes with friends, or it will be another (pathetically) normal day, haha. And we are watching movies. Practically all day long. Woooo /end sarcasm. 
So, I'm sure you all have some nice plans for the summer, or something cool or important coming up, and I know I have quite a few friends that are also going to be working on recovery from many different things this summer, so cheers to you, I wish you the best of luck, and know that I love you all and wish the best for you. So, how are YOU going to spend your summer?

Anyways, I wish the best to everyone, in whatever they are doing, and, actually, even though it will be summer, I may end up being here less often, because, I think I might just (try to) sleep a lot (which I know is impossible, but..). Right now, I'm moderately busy with helping out with a lot of different things, so.. Yeah.. Maybe if I get any of that done, or do anything moderately interesting, I'll bring it to you. 

Oh, and that's right. I almost forgot that entirely.. Would anybody here like to see me do a live drawing some time? Sketchy concepts for different creatures and stuff just to? I don't perform too well on them, due to stress, a little anxiety, somebody here is always interrupting me, or my computer is lagging immensely.. But I can try, if I get some interest. 

**Small update just to x)**
I was just horribly freaked out for a moment. I saw, in the corner of my eye, a figure gently, quickly just breeze by my door, and I did not think anybody else was awake. I've had a bunch of weird experiences here, some of which did not make sense, some seemed paranormal, or with weird people, so I was a bit worried x) Then the other door just shut and such when I looked up, and I was like o_O
But it was my father, hah

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Hello, everyone. I go by many names, but you can all call me Shade.
I am a 15-year-old amateur artist
I have not received a single art lesson or professional class in my life, but now I attend an arts academy
My interests rest in nature, philosophy, fun people, talking to said people, playing my guitar and piano, singing, writing, and drawing just about everything you can think of x)
Most of my work here is outdated or lazy, and I am sorry, but at least it follows my usual standards x)
Normally, I will draw portraits, still life, or macabre and horror themes, and usually try to take no longer than 5-20 minutes a piece, constantly pulling out endless concepts and ideas in a short amount of time

I will admit, that I am hard to talk with, and very challenging to get to know and fully befriend, but I'm sure that won't be a problem x)
I absolutely love to talk, and meet new people /at least on the internet XD/, and I make sure that I never let a single soul down.

If anybody is reading this, congratulations: you now know a bunch of basic things you may not have known about me x)

If you wish to know more random stuff, see my journal:…

Yo, the name's Shade. I'm the type of guy who's at the back, chillin', alone, in pure solidarity and sanctuary. I'm the all-around type of artist, ranging from simple doodles, to complex sketches(Most people hate me for this...The reason why..I never post 'em! xD), and various digital projects and literature pieces. I'm currently working on multiple projects, and if you want a comment, criticism, etc, feel free to ask. I don't mind giving faves, comments, criticism, watches, etc.

"A new person every day. I am constantly changing, not with the people, but with the tide. My mind works on it's own level, and I'm quite sure I'm not entirely human.I can't explain myself, because every description seems to lead to false conclusions. I suppose the only way to know me is to be me, and even then it is difficult."~A fellow seems to describe me well...

Quotes by Me:
"To to learn...and love is my paradise..."

"Close the eyes, to open them, and open to close forever more."
in other words...
"Things are never as they seem. The truth may be lies, and the lies may be the truth."

"One who believes he can't trust, has already destroyed the trust of another."

"Nothing can stay the same forever, make it last."

C/ ▪ |▪|░✧░ <-Professor Layton =P
██  ◡’ノ░░░
███ █░░░░░

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